Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Auto X held?
730 Public Safety Way
Corona, CA. 92880

What time does Auto X start?
Auto X Starts at 7:15 AM on Friday March 3rd. It starts at 8:00 AM everyday after.

What should I bring?
We recommend that guys work in gear according to their own department policies. If the individual doesn't work for a department then our minimum is:

-Any color Nomex pants/jacket
-Ansi eye protection
- Gloves
- Helmet
- Steel Toe Boots

*Lunch will be provided all 3 days by amazing vendors in the city

What kind of training should I be looking forward to?
-New Car Technology
-K Rail
-Over Under
-Hand Tools
-Heavy Lift
* All Pits are subject to change

Will I receive CE's?
No, we no longer provide CE's