Corona Firefighters Association

Auto Extrication

Everyday Firefighters are faced with the challenge of vehicle accidents, some of which require the use specialized equipment to remove the patient from the vehicle. For the past 42 years the Corona Firefighters' Association has hosted Auto X, a seminar where we train Firefighters from across the nation to handle life threatening situations.

The Corona Firefighters' Auto Extrication Seminar trains Firefighters in the "art" of removing the vehicle from the patient. After our seminar is completed we do an evaluation of ourselves and many students have referred to as "the best extrication training in the nation." Evidence of this is the fact that we have students join us from as far away as Canada, Wyoming, Washington, Columbia, and Hawaii.

Safety technology is the driving force in the auto industry. One of the greatest selling points for new cars is the way vehicles perform in a collision. Although the materials used in todays cars make it safer for the occupant of the vehicle, the fact still remains; emergency responders need to get the person out quickly and safely. Materials such as high strength boron steel, metal alloys and advanced plastics are changing the way we make space to get the victim out.

The opportunity to use the "tools of the trade" in a non-emergency situation prepares Firefighters to save lives when emergency do happen.